Finally, i got My Daisy


today i went to Shatin with mum & sis~
when we back home, i buy my perfume which exist in my to-buy list long time ago.

i’m so happy right now~;-)

another thing i wanna buy is a small notebook for me to sketch down ideas on the way
but moleskine and the orange color one are too expensive~smallest one needs $118~
i don’t think it’s worthy,cos of the size and the sketchy sketch
may be i need to make one or find one in muji again=)

For the dinner tonite, i wanna say Oliver ‘s Supersandwiches dinner set made us reli full~~
cos we have coupon that +$1 to have the baked potato which is very delicious~
and i tried the country carrot cake~~i want to know how a carrot cake taste like for a long time~
but it’s just so-so~~~

i will keep trying it from other cake shops next time.