korean food and buying colorpens

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today is mid-autumn fest
some company in hk allowed their employees to leave early, so do mine.
and i left at around 2, met my sis at mongkok around 3

and we ate korean food~it’s delicious
i really want to bring my family to 韓雅林(not sure the name)
which i tried a year(?) ago in CWB
the alcohol there is really tasty~i like it a lot
and the barbecue food quality is good~

however, it is too far for us to go CWB
so i think this will be my dream bday dinner this year LOL
hope can make it happen 😉

after that cheap but still good korean lunch at 東大門
we went shopping and eating(CRUMP again~~)
and buy some color pen for me
i was searching for the non-bleeding color pen for me to draw in my lovely moleskine. well at the beginning i was trying to buy the pitt-artist pen. but they are over my budget, totally… 24 colors cost me over $500. no way…

at the end i try another one and it fits my requirement (no bleeding)

i bought 39 colors and it ends with under$550
it ‘s still a large money to me but it worth cos i cant find any other cheaper


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