oversized pants from my sis





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i was surprised that JRA has ramdom videos for each section
(i tried 2 times playing in tht website)
and the speed is good, layout is good, (the model is not my cup of tea ;-P)

remember the last JRA website?
To introduce a place for young couples to have a date.
and the main cast is a famous girl from jp~~i luv her a lot ❤

minizine vol.1

enlarge to see picture

my first minizine
as the first idea was just me trying to fold the paper
but then i doodled sth on it and keep it in my bag everyday
after a month, i finished it 😉  (8 pages only ;-P

it’s fun tho~

hope to make vol2 in a  proper paper 😉

Non-Sign II

The art and architecture firm Lead Pencil Studio created this fantastic piece at the U.S.-Canada border crossing near Vancouver. Called Non-Sign II, the piece is a lattice of stainless steel rods that carve out the shape of a traditional commercial billboard in negative space.

from good

Lead Pencil Studio’s Daniel Mihalyo sheds light on the concept:

Borrowing the effectiveness of billboards to redirect attention away from the landscape… this permanently open aperture between nations works to frame nothing more than a clear view of the changing atmospheric conditions beyond.

但知道佢係一件art之後就覺得幾好,運用negative space去做ge billboard x architecture~

beauty brand websites in korean

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there are some Korea beauty brand websites that i think is pretty~
especially the innisfree one~

it’s not a new thing to horizontal layout, but the detailed graphics and animation is very nice~

another one is Laneige~ the animation of the navigation is well-made~the 2 actors are pretty & handsome, the use of big-picture slideshow is a good option

Etude House, the look and feel is very girly. The layout really make use of the house concept.
the inside page layouts are good too(mainly becoz of the graphics) and i remember Etude House ‘s CM is good too~~